YOSIMA colours


YOSIMA is a surface design solution with coloured clays and earths of excellent quality, depth and luminosity. After many years of research, CLAYTEC has put together a selection of the best earths for your enjoyment.

The colour depth of YOSIMA does not come from artificial colours or pigments. It results exclusively from the material characteristics of the clay and earth from which it is made. The clay is both the binder and the colour. Its subtle variations in colour give surfaces a natural and authentic character.

The result is a series of coloured clay coatings for interior design of the highest quality. For the base colours, CLAYTEC uses selected clays with an exceptionally pronounced depth of colour.

The red colouring is the result of iron oxides naturally present in the clay, the yellow colouring of iron hydroxides. Green clay is the result of very fine iron particles embedded in its mineral lattice, while brown clays are the result of manganese and charcoal black. The white clay colours are pure caolin.

The 146 colour shades.

From the wide range of possible colours, CLAYTEC has selected seven particularly attractive colour palettes. Each colour palette consists of two base colours, available in four different mixtures. These blends are additionally available in three lighter shades. Together with the classic colours and the base colours, you get a spectrum of 146 mineral colour shades.

How to proceed.

Digital colour tones cannot reproduce mineral colour tones 1.1. The colour charts presented here are close to the real colour tones, please click on them, there are two levels of zoom available. In reality, the colors are slightly lighter. The surface texture is determined by the mortar components and the processing technique. The shades in the YOSIMA catalogue (print and digital versions) are for guidance only and are not suitable for colour selection.

For all colour shades, we provide 2kg sample packs which can be ordered via info@embarro.com for 8,00 Euro + postage. We recommend that you use them to create samples to be sure of your colour choice. For architecture and design professionals we offer a customised sample service. Please email us for your specific requirements. 

Would you like to know more? You can find many examples of our work with YOSIMA on my Instagram account. We are always happy to receive comments and suggestions! A YOSIMA online catalogue is also available. Please understand that we only respond to price enquiries by emailing info@embarro.com. Please email us for special requirements.

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