Throughout the year EMBARRO organises workshops on clay and lime plasters and finishes and Tadelakt.

These are practical, hands-on workshops for small groups where the participants have direct contact with the materials. They can touch and handle them to become familiar with all their characteristics and functions.

A relaxed learning experience for people with or without experience. For people who are interested in discovering the creative possibilities of ecological building materials.

The Tadelakt Workshops are given by professional master artisans. They have been successfully working with Moroccan Tadelakt for many years.

Tadelakt, Marmorino and Stuccolustro are lime-based finishes that convey the charm of centuries-old decorative techniques. These stuccoes create dazzling surfaces are irresistibly attractive in a way that is hard to put into words.
One can hardly resist touching these surfaces – they call out to all of our senses.

Program Tadelakt – 2 days
Program Tadelakt the sink – 1 day

The Workshops on Clay Plasters are inspired by the “LearnWithClay”. This model was created by the European Training Institute for Earth Building. Besides, it is part of the Leonardo Da Vinci education project. The courses are taught by Joachim Reinecke. Joachim is a master craftsman specialised in earth-based plasters who has completed projects all over Europe. And he also teaches the “LearnWithClay” method.

Clay Programm – 1 Day
Clay Programm – 2 Days

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