Tadelakt. Ejecución: Tadelakt Portugal / Horta das Canas.Tadelakt, Marmorino and Stuccolustro are lime-based finishes that convey the charm of centuries-old decorative techniques. These stuccos create dazzling surfaces are irresistibly attractive in a way that is hard to put into words.

One can hardly resist touching these surfaces – they call out to all of our senses.


  • TADELAKT KREIDEZEIT … Shiny mineral plaster for water-resistant surfaces in the traditional Moroccan style. For indoor use only …
  • STUCCO-TADELAKT EMBARRO … pure white lime mortar for stucco and Tadelakt in interiors and exteriors… (information only available in ES and PT)


  • GEKKOSOL PRIMER … is a one component, white silicate-based renovation primer made of purely mineral filler materials, pigments and binders … (information only available in ES, PT and DE)


  • POLISHING SOAP … from KREIDEZEIT. Was produced for the first time in Marseilles during the 17th century. Vegetable oils are used to produce this soap …
  • CARNAUBA EMULSION CONCENTRADA … from KREIDEZEIT. Carnauba wax comes from the leaves of a species of Brazilian palm tree. The thin wax film that covers … (information only available in ES and PT)
  • PUNIC WAX … from KREIDEZEIT is a beeswax-based soap with a creamy consistency. Molten beeswax is cleaned and then bleached over activated charcoal …


  • PIGMENTS … A product of the natural decomposition of rocks and minerals containing iron. The colouring substance is hydrated iron oxide. It is completely lightfast and weather resistant. The country of origin is …