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EMBARRO is the official representative of the German company KREIDEZEIT  with green building materials. – 100% natural paints, plasters and finishes. The only company that declares 100% of the ingredients in the ecologic paints it sells.

We guarantee our customers high quality green building materials and information based on the experience of our professional staff.

9 principal3With all the advantages that clay offers as a green building materials, in addition to being a beautiful and elegant finish, clay is an effective solution for solving typical problems that many homes have, such as excess moisture, mould and mildew and poor air quality.
We offer a complete range of clay-based materials and complementary products.

LimekilnLime plasters have been used for centuries to cover interior and exterior surfaces. The ambiance of buildings suffused with the properties of lime is light and airy, a unique, unmistakeable and enchanting expression.
The following products are available from the best suppliers on the Iberian Peninsula. They are: Slaked lime and lime putty, 100% artisan produced, cooked over wood-burning fires.

Stuccolustro with Blue Spinel PigmentTadelakt, Marmorino and Stuccolustro are lime-based finishes that convey the charm of centuries-old decorative techniques. These stuccos create dazzling surfaces that are irresistibly attractive in a way that is hard to put into words.

It is impossible to resist touching these surfaces – they awaken all of our senses.

Mineral Pigments EMBARROMineral pigments come in a vast array of colours and a palette of unlimited combinations.
Mineral pigments can be divided into three major groups. The colors are: Raw and burnt ochres, siennas and umbers, metal oxides and spinels of volcanic origin. At EMBARRO you will find all these pigments ready to apply. You can apply in clay and lime-based plasters, mineral paints and oils for wood…

CONLINO Clay Paint, natural white colorEMBARRO’s Natural Paints for walls and ceilings are made with lime, casein, clay and silicate, and they are available in a wide variety of mineral colours.

With a simple brushstroke, we can create natural and inviting atmospheres that are pleasing to look at and touch.

These materials bring the experience and colours of nature into your home. They combine cave painting techniques, with modern quality standards in a single product. These are odour-free paints that contain no solvents and release no toxic fumes.

Can be applied over emulsion paint, tiles, etc…. interior and exterior.Our eco-friendly primers are suitable for all kinds of surfaces, from wall to floors, tiles, concrete, plasterboard and wood. Besides, GEKKKO primer can also be used to create a mineral surface on top of synthetic paints.
These products provide excellent adhesion and good yields, and they give optimal results on interior and exterior surfaces. Completing the EMBARRO’s the line of products is Shielding Primer.  It is an extraordinarily high-quality anti-stain primer. This product comes with a full declaration of its ingredients.

Ceiling treated with WOODBLISS, finished with colorless KREIDEZEIT oil varnish EMBARRO offers various products to treat wood, both indoors and outdoors. These are Wood Varnish (which is available in several colours), Hard Wax Oil for Floorings, natural Turpentine Oil and waxes. Besides we offer others protective treatments obtained from natural products and processes.
To protect metal, EMBARRO offers an effective, easy-to-apply Rust Protection Paint that comes with a full declaration of its ingredients.

Workshops São Brás de Alportel 2010Throughout the year EMBARRO organises workshops on Clay Plasters and Finishes, Tadelakt and Lime-based Plasters and Finishes.

These are practical, hands-on workshops for small groups. Where the participants have direct contact with the green building materials. The participants can touch and handl them to become familiar with all their characteristics and functions.

Clay Plaster EMBARRO UniversalOur team of professionals is very experienced in executing clay surface coverings. Besides, they have specialised equipment. Which enables them to design our dry clay plasters (EMBARRO Universal, CONLINO Fine Clay Finishing plaster and CONLINO Decofino topcoat plasters). And they tailor-make mixtures using local soils (if they are suitable). Take advantage of our experience!