Lime design

Material properties

Tadelakt, Stucco de Cal, polished plaster or stucco Veneziano… they all have in common that they are only a few millimetres thick and form a heavily pressed and polished surface. It can be matt or very glossy. The base material – non-hydraulic lime – is white. For colouring, we mix the lime with mineral pigments. The most common tools in “lime design” are the wide range of mineral colour tones, the intensity of the surface gloss and Esgrafito.

Lime-based finishes differ from clay-based finishes in that lime-based finishes are water-repellent and can therefore – unlike clay – also be used outdoors and in showers. Lime-based finishes are complex to apply, whereas clay-based finishes can also be applied by unskilled installers.
Lime with mineral pigments offers a much more intense and wider range of colours.


Below we would like to present you some samples and colours for selecting your “lime design”.

To meet our high demands in terms of pigment quality, we only use pigments from KREIDEZEIT and KREMER. KREIDEZEIT offers online and physically a colour chart with 250 colour shades based on a mixture of up to two pigments. (Almost) all white base materials can be coloured with mineral pigments. The great advantage of mineral pigments over synthetic pigments: mineral pigments do not lose their colour intensity over time.

MORTEX – two-component, lime and acrylic based

A special passion in our work with lime is MORTEX. There are areas that we don’t recommend finishing with Tadelakt or stucco: floors for theirs missing resistance; high-traffic shelves, kitchen worktops, tables. MORTEX is a two-component product based on lime and acrylic, so it is by no means ecological, but unlike microcement, it offers an authentic mineral surface that we colour with the same pigments as our traditional lime stucco or Tadelakt on walls. MORTEX is resistant to shocks, grease and acids. The surface is very pleasant to the touch. Since it is not breathable, we would not consider using this product on walls instead of traditional lime stucco or clay.

Our customised tables for indoors and outdoors, whether for dining, conferences, the living room or work, are always a real spectacle. We manufacture table tops with or without a table frame.