Mas Palol

Wilted wood framework to support the exterior plaster

Architect: Oldrich Hozman, Prague

Natural building materials in the projects of the architect Oldrich Hozman, incorporate the principles of feng shui, geomancy, ecology and organic architecture. In addition, this architect shows a great interest in sustainable development and environmental protection. So he presents a design in harmony with nature. In addition, in this video made by EMBARRO, you can see the natural building materials that have been used. Besides, that they are also appropriate for the comfort and well-being of the inhabitants.

Technical assistance of clay coatings: (in collaboration)

       EMBARRO                                                               CHRISTOF ZIEGERT
JOACHIM REINECKE                                                      PROF. DR. ENG
   MADRID-TAVIRA                                                               BERLÍN                                               

Root construction with willow wood structure

In addition, you can see how a root construction with wooden structure is carried out. And that a framework of willow wood is used to support the exterior plaster. The exterior plaster clay lime is placed in four layers, covering a total of 515 square meters.

For the exterior cladding, Prof. Dr. Eng. Christof Ziegert in collaboration with EMBARRO, developed calculations and important laboratory tests for the success of the Mas Palol project.

In order to carry out this sustainable construction, with natural materials, the following studies were carried out:

  • weather observation and change rain / snow
  • coating composition: based on local soil, with the addition of cow dung, lime, glass water and linseed oil
  • Fixation of the exterior cladding on the wooden structure

Mas Palol foresees an external cladding in clay with a fairly wide surface. For its execution, a series of conditions are taken into account, such as:

  • a frontal load estimated at 500 kg / m2
  • homogeneous surfaces, without expansion joints, which requires a plaster elasticity
  • erosion resistance caused by climate
  • low level of maintenance

Execution of the 1st inner layer

Interior plaster in clay in 2 layers. Total of 1,100 m2

Execution of coatings, collaboration of companies:

Casa Alternativa Xavi Puig                                                  EMBARRO                                      

“EMBARRO Universal” clay plaster projected

Toledo, August 2012

mortar projection

Regulated and floated

superfine layer

Passive house in straw bales

Coating in mud in a passive house made with straw bales.


Project: Arq. Wolfang Berger, Tajonar, Navarra

Execution of the mud cladding: Alfaro Stucco, La Rioja

1st layer

EMBARRO Universal has been applied with a projection machine, in three layers, to a total of 160 m2 inside

1st layer, liquid, to penetrate as deep as possible in straw bales. The objective is to stabilize its surface and be strong to support the following layers of plaster.

Planning and execution on site:

2nd layer

2nd layer, more consistent, a 7 × 7 mm network has been used to strengthen the plaster and prevent cracks. It serves to equal and has a thickness of approximately 3 cm.

3rd layer

3rd layer, final plaster with 1 cm thickness (in execution)

Project: Architect Wolfgang Berger

Execution: BAU Passivhaus;


80% of indoor air quality is influenced by the first two centimeters of surface coating. EMBARRO Universal has been chosen to meet the requirements of indoor air quality in a passive house. This natural building material present absorption capacity when there are high levels of humidity.

Execution of the mud cladding: Estucos Alfaro, La Rioja

90% of our time we live in closed and poorly ventilated spaces. The absorption properties of EMBARRO Universal help to regulate humidity. Besides, it increases the quality of the indoor air.

EMBARRO: distribution of EMBARRO Universal and mud paints for interior cladding and assistance for on-site planning and execution.

EMBARRO has a wide range of plasters, finishes and 100% natural paints to improve your home.

Country house

Spain is a world reference in earth architecture. This is due to the advantages that clay offers as a construction material.

In this natural construction video of rehabilitation project of an old house with clay coverings. Arquitecture by Paola Boragine and execution of EMBARRO.

The objective of the rehabilitation is to improve the quality of the indoor air. Generate a third skin, breathable and healthy, without emission of toxins. Comfort and wellbeing under the harmony with the environment.

We have removed the cement plaster from all the walls and replaced the concrete slab of the roof to increase the absorption and release of moisture and thus improve air quality and obtain a healthy environment.

After a careful analysis, we verified that there are no capillary problems in the walls, allowing a clay coating.

Many times in old houses there are problems with humidity and saltpeter, due to the lack of an impermeable layer / barrier between the walls and the floor. A clay-based coating can not be used on a wet substrate.

In these cases, an independent wall of clay plates can be a good solution.

In order to increase the volume of the indoor air and the ability to breathe, a wooden roof was made with a projected cellulose insulation. In addition to the installation of a system of radiant walls. And also a thermal inertia stove that helps improve the indoor climate.

240 m2 of interior plaster

EMBARRO Universal, in two layers.

1st layer: plastered to equalize with a thickness up to 3 cm.

2nd layer: final plaster with 1.5 cm.


Architecture Project: José Lima Ferreira

Coatings and rehabilitation