Certification BIO of straw used for mortar EMBARRO Universal

Certificado BIO pajaCertification of SATIVA that straw (CERIAIS) (that we use to produce EMBARRO Universal) comes from organic farming. Natural products with quality certifications.

Certificação bio de palha EMBARRO Universal

EMBARRO Universal Radioactivity Test

radioactividadIn general, there are almost no abnormalities. In natural radiation and radon exhalation everything is fine. In Thoron there are only weak abnormalities in plaster thicknesses over 10 millimeters – relatively little compared to other plaster mortars.

 According to the biological criteria only building materials with an evaluation index of B ≤ 0,5 (Leningrad formula for K-40, Th-232, Ra-226) should be used.
The plaster EMBARRO Universal: B = 0,12

According to the criteria of the European Commission, the evaluation index “I” should be < 1,0.
The plaster EMBARRO Universal: I = 0,18.

Prüfbericht Baustoffradioaktivität Lehmputz EMBARRO Universal

Properties of clay plaster EMBARRO Universal regarding German DIN 18947

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Analysis moisture absorbtion

act-analyseSee the fantastic moisture absorbing properties of our “EMBARRO Universal” clay plaster. Read the report of the analysis done by engineer Prof. Dr. Ing. Christof Ziegert, Berlin Laboratories.

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Full Declaration for EMBARRO UNIVERSAL clay plaster

certificado-embarro-ptFull Declaration for EMBARRO UNIVERSAL clay plaster

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Full declaration for KREIDEZEIT products

Full declaraticertificado-kreidezeit-pton for KREIDEZEIT products

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