EMBARRO was initially created to ensure the availability of high-quality natural construction materials for our own bio-construction company. Embarro has more than 30 years in the building sector. We offer a reliable selection of high-quality products from selected suppliers available online, as well as, professional consulting services.

With all the advantages that clay and lime-based construction materials offer, in addition to being a beautiful and elegant finish. The use of clay and lime is an effective solution for solving typical problems that many homes have, such as excess moisture, mould and mildew and poor air quality.

EMBARRO in Portugal and Spain offers all the special materials and tools you need to work with clay and lime-based products, plasters and finishes, paints and mineral pigments , both nationally produced and imported. Moreover, Embarro provides you with assistance in planning and executing your project.
Let’s work together – it will be a pleasure! Your team at EMBARRO.