CLAYTEC news: Innovation for sustainable construction

New CLAYTEC clay thin-bed mortar enables re-use of masonry


Only reversible mortars enable the complete re-use of masonry. The new ClayTec “clay thin-bed mortar” is completely water-soluble and meets all the requirements for non-load-bearing interior walls. Approval for load-bearing wall components is also in progress.

The special feature: ClayTec has not only designed the new high-performance mortar for use in the field of sustainable building with clay blocks, but also for bonding bricks, sand-lime bricks, aerated concrete and other flat blocks and has had this area patented. This makes it an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional, non-water-soluble, cement- and hydraulic lime-based mortars, the production of which emits significantly more CO2 and is not reversible.

As a first step, the mortar can be used for non-load-bearing masonry without fire protection requirements. Other areas of application will be possible in the near future. To this end, the latest ClayTec product is currently undergoing extensive testing and approval procedures.

Reuse instead of recycling

The clay thin-bed mortar can solve one of the most pressing problems of end-of-life recycling of building materials. This is because traditional mortars hinder the reuse of wall-building materials as they cannot be separated again. In contrast, the innovative ClayTec clay thin-bed mortar enables efficient dismantling and 1:1 reuse of materials thanks to its water solubility.

In addition to the water-soluble clay masonry mortar, interior plastering in particular is also essential for the reusability of masonry bricks. With ClayTec clay plaster mortars, which are tested in accordance with DIN 18947, we already offer environmentally friendly solutions in this area too. Their use significantly reduces the “Global Warming Potential” (GWP) of brick walls and other masonry surfaces. ClayTec is also constantly developing further “green” building materials. The aim is to consistently promote sustainability and innovation in the construction sector.