Clay plaster design

Thanks to the plastic properties of natural clay, clay plaster surfaces can be designed easily and in many different ways. This in combination with the wide colour spectrum of mineral pigments that are a natural component of the clay or can be added. Attractive clay plaster surfaces exert a magical attraction on us that automatically triggers a feeling of well-being.

Below we present our current texture options for our clay plaster finishes. We used YOSIMA Designer Plaster, CLAYTEC Colour Plaster and/or CLAYTEC Fine Plaster in thicknesses from 2 mm to a maximum of 1 cm. The “rammed earth” surfaces are also done with clay plaster, only 1cm thick.

Got a taste for it? You can find many examples of our work on my Instagram account. Comments and suggestions always make us happy! We ask for your understanding that we only answer price enquiries by email