Clay base plaster colours

Clay base plaster with straw in six colour shades

CLAYTEC offers the clay base plaster in six authentic colours. This single-layer coloured finishing plaster with straw is intended for single-layer application indoors. The material is usually applied 6-10 mm thick. It is therefore also suitable for slightly uneven substrates that would be too uneven for the application of a clay finish such as YOSIMA. The coarser grain results in coarser-structured surface textures. Coarse clay colour plaster is neither coated nor painted.

25kg-bags coloured clay plaster

The natural colours of the clay plaster

How to proceed

Printed/digital colours cannot exactly reproduce the colour of the original coating. To correctly assess the colour, 2 kg sample bags of our mortar are available to carry out a test application in the desired location. The surface texture is defined by the mortar components and the application technique.

In 25kg bags for approx. 2.7m2 area at D= 0.6cm. Approx. 1.56 kg/m2 per mm plaster thickness.

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