Clay plaster and CLAYTEC

Clay plasters are versatile

Clay plaster can be used instead of conventional plasters that are one or more centimetres thick. It can also be used simply to create attractive surface finishes just a few millimetres thick. Clay is the perfect coating for creating a feeling of well-being and noticeably improving indoor air quality, especially with regard to typical humidity problems. Clay plasters are established and standardised according to the European standard DIN 18947 (AENOR).



CLAYTEC design plaster YOSIMA. Wall colour Kolumba grey, ceilings white. embarro@work

Designing with clay

At the latest since the complete interior of the Kolumba Museum in Cologne was designed by architect Peter Zumthor using CLAYTEC’s YOSIMA clay finish, clay plaster has also been recognised as a design element in modern architecture.

YOSIMA catalogue … with a selection of 146 pre-mixed shades.

In terms of design quality, the most exceptional feature of clay plaster surfaces is their relationship with light. Whether it’s natural or artificial light, the light is absorbed and stored by the clay plaster, not lost, as happens with “aqueous” paints or other artificial surfaces. With this lively, slightly cloudy surface of the clay finish in warm natural tones, the aesthetic appeal of any room is enhanced. The subtle play of colour in pure clay gives surfaces their natural and authentic character.

Today, our high quality standards make it possible to use clay surfaces in high-traffic areas such as shops, hotels and restaurants without damaging the original properties through additives or fixings. When looking for authentic surfaces with an “automatic feel-good effect”, YOSIMA is the perfect solution for achieving a lot with a little.

With this lively, slightly cloudy surface of the clay plaster in warm natural tones, the aesthetic appeal of any environment is enhanced. The subtle play of colour in the unaltered clay gives the surfaces their natural and authentic character.


Of course, the influence of clay plasters on air quality is important.

Not all clay plasters provide better air quality to the same extent, but in general it can be said that clay plasters bind odours and regulate air humidity advantageously.

Since 2013 there is a Europe-wide standard for clay plasters, DIN 18947, in which quality standards are set, which helps to prove and compare quality. This also makes clay plasters comparable as a fully recognised building material in professional construction. The standard specifies quality requirements, for example with regard to plasticity, fire behaviour, compressive strength and abrasion resistance, which are important parameters for acceptance, processing and use.


coloured clay plaster

multi-colour CLAYTEC plaster. embarro@work

Sustainability and innovation with CLAYTEC

For our construction work and sales, we work with CLAYTEC clay plasters and slabs, which are manufactured in accordance with DIN 18945-47.

CLAYTEC’s history began in 1978 in Germany as a pioneer in earthen building materials. Since then, CLAYTEC has developed many innovations, such as clay boards and coloured clay finishes. The range of products CLAYTEC currently offers provides answers for all applications in modern earth construction.

The following link provides an overview of CLAYTEC products: CLAYTEC overview

Here you will find a catalogue of all available CLAYTEC products: CLAYTEC products

As books are only half as valuable in practice, we would be happy to advise you. We have more than 30 years’ experience in the manufacture of earth construction materials. Naturally, we also supply the complete range of CLAYTEC earth construction materials. Please contact us for advice and sales/pricing by emailing


clay and Tadelakt

Combination YOSIMA & Tadelakt. embarro@work

Here are some of CLAYTEC’s most important product sheets:

CLAYTEC clay base plaster with straw … grain0-2mm base plaster DIN 18947, 1 – 3,5cm per layer

Our video on the application of clay plaster online. On YouTube since 2011, with more than 80,000 views. Still up to date. embarro@work

CLAYTEC clay plaster with straw 6 colours … grain 0-2mm, available in 6 colours, for 0,6 – 1cm per layer

YOSIMA Design plaster … grain 0-1mm in 146 YOSIMA colours. For 2mm thickness

Maintenance YOSIMA Design plaster …Care and repair instructions for YOSIMA clay finishes

CLAYFIX clay paint … available in 146 YOSIMA earth colours

Clay boards CLAYTEC 20mm solar …900kg/m³ clay boards, 62,5x125cm

CLAYTEC adhesive clay mortar …clay boards coating and “Gotelé” filling

CLAYTEC Primers … for mortars and paints

Please contact us via to find the best solution for your individual needs. CLAYTEC offers a large selection of different mortars and clay boards.