Clay plaster in Portugal and Spain with CLAYTEC

With EMBARRO you will find clay plaster, clay finishes and clay paint, lime stuccos and Tadelakt. For our wide range of clay and lime plaster we offer sales, consulting, training and application.

EMBARRO is the official representative of CLAYTEC in earth construction materials for Spain and Portugal. As one of the oldest building materials in the world, clay is a real versatile building material. Nowadays, clay finishes with their attractive and authentic surfaces are gaining more and more attention for interior design.

Since 1970, CLAYTEC engineers have been developing new application techniques from old construction methods over time, leaving hardly any construction task unanswered. Above all, many possibilities have been developed for the design, shaping and refining of clay surfaces. CLAYTEC plasters bring a piece of nature into your home. They are made of natural components, their surfaces are open to diffusion and breathable. Their ability to cushion the humidity of the air has a proven positive effect on the climate of the room. Clay minerals contribute to an environmental climate that is beneficial to your health and well-being. The mortars do not release any chemical pollutants into the ambient air. On the contrary, they even turn odours on.

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Design with clay

CLAYTEC has set the standard for design with clay for many years. With projects such as the Kolumba Museum by architect Peter Zumthor, CLAYTEC has given earth surfaces a firm place in contemporary architecture and interior design.

CLAYTEC’s YOSIMA colour finishes have a special meaning for our work. YOSIMA is a representative interior finish with selected clays, from elegant white to a bright red. A variety of 146 carefully composed colour shades is available for the very personal dream surface. They result from mixing pure raw clays: YOSIMA is not “coloured” but pure, no dyes or pigments are added. The 146 colour tones on offer are derived solely from the material properties of the clay from which it is made. The subtle colour variations give the surfaces their natural and authentic character.