Morteros de tierra y cal. Tadelakt.

Clay plaster, stuccos and Tadelakt.

Authentic mineral surfaces with clay plaster, stuccos and Tadelakt exert a magical attraction on us. With mineral pigments, the colours can be chosen in an almost inexhaustible combination. The surfaces can be designed mirror-smooth or raw, they fit into both, modern and organic environments. We work with traditional materials that have been used and tested for hundreds of years and are now more than ever the reference for attractive aesthetics, well-being and functionality.

Working with natural materials and traditional techniques has always been the most exciting and passionate during my professional life as a builder. I learned different professions in construction, specialized and did my master’s degree. Since then, I have worked as a builder, trainer, consultant and craftsman.

Today we are an internationally active clay plaster, stucco and Tadelakt company, Portugal and Spain based. We are there for you for the execution, consulting, workshops and material sales of the clay materials that we have come to know and appreciate over many years.



Our focus: clay plasters with CLAYTEC

About clay: With all the advantages that clay offers as a building material, besides being a beautiful and elegant finish, clay becomes an effective solution to solve the typical problems that many houses suffer from, such as humidity, mould and poor air quality.

Sometimes we use local clay for our work, but usually we use CLAYTEC materials for cost and quality reasons. For CLAYTEC earth building materials we are also the official contact for execution and sales partner for Portugal and Spain.

In addition to a wide selection of specific clay mortars and various types of clay boards, we also offer a wide range of clay mortars,, CLAYTEC offers with YOSIMA designer plaster a 2mm finish made of pure clay in 146 colours, which can be combined with 6 additives. The delivery is ready-mixed, only water has to be added. YOSIMA´s depth of colour does not come from artificial colours or pigments. It results exclusively from the material characteristics of the clay of which it is made. 

All CLAYTEC products are manufactured to the highest level of quality and in accordance with the applicable European standards for earth construction materials DIN 18945-47; ECO-Institute Certificate.



Tadelakt and stucco

Tadelakt and stucco are decorative lime finishes that convey the charisma of ancient decorative techniques. These stuccos create resplendent surfaces exercising an attraction that is difficult to express.

One cannot avoid touching these surfaces, awakening in us the five senses.

We apply our stuccos both inside and outside. The colours are achieved by adding mineral pigments. The range of shades available is unlimited within the mineral colour spectrum. 

We are pleased to share our experience of one of the workshops we organise at irregular intervals. You can find more information here.